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About Pretoria Chinese School

Nurturing Excellence

Pretoria Chinese School History

Pretoria Chinese School was started in 1934 in Boom Street, Pretoria, by the Young Chinese Cultural League and the Chinese Community of Pretoria, in an attempt to preserve their culture and provide quality education for their children, against the backdrop of racism and discriminatory government policy. The land and building were purchased in the name of the Chinese Consulate, as the Chinese were not allowed to hold title to property at the time. The end of the Apartheid era also heralded new possibilities and challenges for the Chinese Community. As government schools opened up to the Chinese Community there was a drop in numbers at the Chinese School. In 1991, the School Board decided to expand the small primary school to include a high school so that the language and culture could be extended to all who wished to embrace it. This resulted in an influx of children from Poland, Russia, Korea, Taiwan and The Peoples Republic of China. The Boom Street property was sold due to limited space for development and the proceeds were used to acquire a more suitable 3,48 hectare property in Wingate Park. In 1993, the Chinese Community came to the fore once again and raised R 2.7 million to build a 22 classroom block, a computer centre and science laboratory.

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The pre-primary school block was added on a few years later. Since then Pretoria Chinese School has continued to expand, with a hall and 6 additional classrooms being added in 2012, ready for use in 2013. In 2015, 5 additional classrooms were completed, and were ready for use at the start of the 2016 academic year.

The school has the following additional facilities:

  • 2 Computer Labs
  • WiFi network on all the Academic areas
  • A 25 metre, 8 lane swimming pool
  • 2 Tennis / Netball/ Basketball courts
  • A Turf Cricket wicket
  • Hockey / Cricket / Athletics field
  • Administration Block
  • School Uniform Shop
  • Tuck Shop


To provide quality education to all our learners.


To provide an environment conducive to the fostering of the Chinese language and to offer excellent education which is of an international standard.


Pretoria Chinese School has at its foundation the following three pillars:
RESPECT: for oneself, for others, for property and the environment. Tolerance of differences which add depth and value to life.

HUMILITY : to be humble at all times. To never treat triumph as an accomplishment that cannot be beaten by others.

DISCIPLINE : To be controlled in all situations. To follow tasks through to the end with diligence. To give sufficient attention to all aspects of life so as to achieve at the highest level possible for each individual.

Introduction to Pretoria Chinese School

Welcome to the web page of Pretoria Chinese School. Here you will find information about the school that will be of help to parents and pupils who are interested in attending the school
  • Pretoria Chinese School is an English medium School.
  • The medium of instruction is English in all grades.
  • Pretoria Chinese School is an independent school.

– Pretoria Chinese School is registered with the Department of Basic Education (GDE Reg NO: 211029)
– Pretoria Chinese School is a member of ISASA (Independent Schools Association of South Africa)
– Pretoria Chinese School is a member of SAHISA (South African Heads of Independent Schools Association.
– Pretoria Chinese School is a member of SABISA (South African Bursars of Independent Schools Association

  • Pretoria Chinese School is registered as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO Reg: 023429)
  • Pretoria Chinese School accepts pupils from all cultures who meet our entrance criteria.
  • Pretoria Chinese School is registered with UMALUSI (the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training)
  • Pretoria Chinese School is registered with the IEB (Independent Examinations Board) (Reg No: 1105)
  • Pretoria Chinese School Follows the South African Curriculum and Assessment Policy (CAPS) as interpreted by the IEB
  • Grade 12 Pupils write the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations from the IEB
  • Pupils from Grade 3 to Grade 11 write International Benchmarking assessments as implemented by the IEB.
  • Every pupil at Pretoria Chinese School is required to take Mandarin as an extra subject as Second Additional Language Level.

Pretoria Chinese School offers 2 classes per grade, with the exception of Grade 00, where there is only 1 class. Grades range from Grade 00 to Grade 12 with a maximum of 22 pupils per class.