The work in Grade 12 as a Second Additional Language is focused on the pupils’ listening and speaking skills, requiring the pupils to do a final prepared speech in the beginning of the third Term. The certificates of Chinese language proficiency are issued to Matric pupils on their Valediction, stating their performance on listening and speaking, reading and comprehension, writing and grammar, as well as their result for the final prepared speech. This certificate will be counted in pupils’ favour when they apply for universities to prove that they carry an extra subject at school.

The pupils who are qualified for immigrant status are allowed to write A-Level Chinese Examinations as one of their Matric subjects. The full name of the examinations is “Edexcel GCE A-Level Chinese Examinations” and the papers are set and marked by “Pearson Education Ltd.” from UK. The registration must be submitted to the British Council by February / March, and the exams normally take place in May / June.

In 2015, the Department of Basic Education officially announced that Chinese language could be offered at schools as an additional foreign language, and as of 2018, it can be taken as one of the Matric subjects.