Chinese/Mandarin is mandatory for all pupils and is taught for 5 – 6 half hour periods a week. Mandarin is not just a subject, but a vehicle through which Chinese culture and values find expression. This is further enhanced by the three core values of our school

Pupils are catered for differently in Chinese classes; they are divided according to their background and level of exposure to Chinese. Pupils from Chinese speaking families learn Chinese as their home language, where the focus is more on literature study, creative writing and individual thinking. Pupils from non-Chinese speaking families learn Chinese through a conversational based programme. In Junior Preparatory phase (Grade 00 to 3), pupils learn basic concepts such as numbers, colours, families, animals, songs, simple sentence patterns etc. In Senior Preparatory phase (Grade 4 to 7), pupils start building the skills necessary for communicating in Chinese through listening, speaking, reading and writing in structured lessons context. In College phase (Grade 8 to 12), pupils are expected to read and write characters, be able to comprehend the language and manage to do prepared speeches.

For new pupils entering our school or pupils who need more individual attention, academic support is available in the afternoons. Our dedicated Chinese team is always prepared to assist at school.