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Nurturing Excellence



English falls within the CORE subjects—those that are compulsory in nature. Grade 10 and 11 forms a basis for the Grade 12 syllabus. In Grade 12, students are assessed orally throughout the year and this mark is moderated by an external examiner who visits the school and re-assesses the students. IEB students are expected to be well read individuals and by Grade 12, must have read at least 8 non-school based novels. During the matric year, students cover 18 poems, a novel and a Shakespearean play. Higher order thinking and application skills are also taught to the students as these are required in the answering of exam papers.

A 4th genre must also be covered and although strict guidelines are given by the IEB, certain genres and choices are left to the teacher’s discretion. At the end of Grade 12, two final papers are written. One comprising of language, comprehension, poetry, visual literacy, the summary and advertising. Paper two tests the literary writing skills of students, along with prescribed transactional work.

English subject covers:

  • Listening and speaking
  • Reading and viewing
  • Writing and presenting
  • Language