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Nurturing Excellence


Information Technology

The learner is expected to produce an algorithm that involves variables, assignments and numeric expressions.

Analyse UI:
The learner is expected to distinguish between good and bad user interface design.

Design UI:
The learner is expected to design a simple user interface (output and basic input only) for a real activity of an informative nature.

Design UI (application):
The learner is expected to design and implement a simple user interface for an application using a package (database or web form).

Boolean logic:
The learner is expected to identify the basics of Boolean conditions and operators and apply this to a simple Boolean expression (AND, OR, NOT, True or False).

The learner is expected to draw simple diagrams showing the decision-making process involving simple selection and looping (IF/ELSE, For loops, conditional loops e.g. repeat, while and do-while).

The learner is expected to call the basic mathematical functions and apply those in programs (determine the minimum and maximum values, exponent functions, absolute values, integer arithmetic (dividend and modulo), square roots, rounding and random numbers.

Data types/code grouping:
The learner understands that simple primitive data comes in different forms and that data typing is important.

The learner is expected to explain the effects of rounding and truncation as seen through an application package.

The learner is expected to suggest ways in which software can be methodically tested for robustness.

The learner is expected to design and query a database.

The learner is expected to use storage files effectively for computer application packages. Due to the mathematical nature of the course, a mark of at least 50% in Mathematics Grade 9 is compulsory for entry into IT. Knowledge of the Core Mathematics syllabus is assumed and will not be covered in the IT course, e.g. exponent functions. It is also essential that the learners have access to a computer at home for homework assignments and projects. These computers will need to have the relevant programs and application packages installed.