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Nurturing Excellence



Formal musical training is extremely beneficial in many ways that we may not be initially aware of. For example; when you learn to play a musical instrument, you train your brain muscles to coordinate more than 500 muscles in your body. In addition to intellectual, physical, and social benefits, music allow students the ability to master a musical instrument and develop lifelong character building skills and traits such as:

  • Commitment & perseverance
  • Patience
  • Confidence
  • Physical coordination & control
  • Concentration

Playing music allows one to invent a part of one self which may have never existed; it shapes personal development and allows students to learn new dimensions of who they are. Through this journey of self discovery, playing can even lead to composing: an effective means for channeling creativity, energy and emotions. In addition, musical composition generates a means of self-expression to the benefit of others, transforming the composer, performer and their audience. Through having an understanding of musical language, students have a greater understanding of themselves, their potential and the experience of the world around them.
Topics covered in music:

  • Musical performance and Improvisation
  • Music Literacy
  • Music knowledge and Analysis

Some careers that use music or benefit from the study of music:
Live performer, Composer, Conductor, Music Therapist, Music Editor, Critic, Arts Manager, Teacher, Producer, Digital Music Specialist, Sound Engineer, Instrument Builder, Musicologist, Acoustical Consultant.
What type of music is studied and performed?
We follow any of the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music, Trinity College or UNISA — the focus is on Western Art Music (Classical) but students taking modern instruments like electric guitar may choose to study the Rock Syllabus.

What are the perquisites?
A student must be able to play on at least a Grade 2 level before choosing Music as a subject in Grade 10. Voice as instrument is the only instrument that you can start afresh in Grade 10, after passing an audition. An audition might be needed in other instruments, should you not have proof of your level of playing.