Families of the Pretoria Chinese School are privileged to receive a rare opportunity to aid their children in acquiring an advantage, which will carry them throughout their lives. The Chinese culture is the oldest literate culture in the world, continuously practiced in a clearly identifiable state over the last 5,000 years.

This ancient culture has been known to develop deep wisdom, which is of practical value in daily life and also has the added advantage of contributing to the disciplining of the mind and broadening of a person’s character to handle the challenges of life.

Apart from the inherent value of this culture, it is also very advisable that young people who will spend their lives in the 21st century should strive to understand as much as possible of the Chinese language and culture, since China is expected to become the largest economy in the world.

Chinese influence in world trade is expected to grow very fast in future decades, which will result in a huge growth in demand for people who can speak Chinese. Children who do not come from Chinese homes and who learn the language will be in great demand and be able to earn a high income.

Parents can aid their children to reap these benefits by understanding the above facts and by being supportive, thereby ensuring the new generation is proficient in this rich, fascinating language and well informed on the culture.