School Admission Requirements

Do you want to apply for School admission? 

Places are very limited and waiting lists for specific subject classes may exist.

Pretoria Chinese School is a private school of choice and each year we receive more applications than we can accommodate. Not all applications can be accommodated so please make sure you enrol as soon as possible.

Grab this opportunity and become part of an exciting and rewarding educational journey with us! Experience this gateway to academic excellence, innovative thinking development and futuristic, advanced learning methods.

Guarantee your child a strong academic foundation with a school built on academic excellence, leadership development and various co-curricular activities.

Pretoria Chinese School is committed to excellence in education.  We have enjoyed a deserved reputation since 1934 for academic excellence but we recognise that teaching excellence is an ongoing process. Our aim is to always improve our service to parents as well as keep innovating our teaching methods.

We welcome students from Grade 00 through to Grade 12 and encourages each child to achieve their full potential. We follow a three-term calendar. At our school, every individual is valued. We really care about our learners...

Please contact us if you have any questions. We are more than willing to help.

Application Forms
We have set out the general admission process below in 9 easy steps:

Download and complete the Application Form

Download and complete the Admission Contract

Download and complete the Registration Contract

Download and complete the Enrolment Contract

Download and complete Learner Confidential Report

Download and sign the School Fees Policy

Return Signed Forms

Please complete and sign your downloaded documents. Ensure all details are correct. Return all the documents to the School

Application Results

A school representative will be in touch informing you whether your application for school admission was successful or not

Awaiting Result

Pay Application Fee

Payment of non-refundable APPLICATION FEE of R1 000 when handing in the Application Forms -  Electronic Funds Transfer most welcome

Fee Payable


The application process will be finalised once we have received all your completed and signed financial and confidential forms. The relevant Deputy Principal will assess your application for enrolment once ALL completed Application Forms are handed in.

You will receive the following feedback: 

  • Date of Assessment/ Sit-In or Placement Test (Not for Grade 00) 
  • Grade 1 only: School Readiness Assessment – Educational Psychologist 
  • Interview Date – Both parents and child to attend. (With Principal and Deputy Principal).

On acceptance, the following fees will be payable within 10 working days: 

R2 000.00
 Non-Refundable Registration Fee 

R5 000.00
  School Development Fee (once-off)


Full School Fees to be paid upfront for the first year: 

R5 000.00 Language Development Fee 

R5 000.00 School Development Fee 

R2 000.00 (Non-Refundable) Registration Fee.

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You are invited to visit our beautiful Campus

We are delighted you consider Pretoria Chinese School as your best private school choice!

Pretoria Chinese School's Campus is located within the City of Tshwane (Gauteng Province). Speak to one of the Deputy Principals if you have pressing questions and need answers fast. We are here to help your child get the best creative education.

Your gateway to academic excellence

Independent educational, professional Memberships and Affiliations

Pretoria Chinese School is an active, registered member of several outstanding educational institutions whose mission is to support schools with specialist knowledge and practical operational guidance. Affiliations include ISASA and the Independent Examiners Board (IEB). As members, we attend their events and conferences frequently.

Professional associations and membership organisations offer opportunities for our students to get up-to-date information and resources that support them in their school academic programs. Our students gain access to study materials and subject information from a wide range of excellent sources.

As one of Pretoria's leading registered private and independent education schools, Pretoria Chinese School maintains close working relationships with several regional and national educational institutions. We provide students with more opportunities to broaden their educational experiences and prepare them for exams.

We also subscribe to the qualifications framework established by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) whose function is to regulate the awarding of qualification certificates according to the regulations contained in the "Qualification Regulations Act, 2003".

Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa

Southern African Bursars of Independent Schools Association

Southern African Heads of Independent Schools Association

Independent Examiners Board

Pretoria Chinese School
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