Adult Mandarin Classes

Mandarin is becoming one of the fastest-growing languages globally, with nearly a billion speakers. With approximately 935 million mother-tongue speakers (14% of the world's population), Mandarin is the world's most spoken mother tongue. China's rise as a world power and its role in the world economy is notable, and business ties between China and South Africa are expanding rapidly. Understanding the Mandarin language is now essential for success in commercial ventures in China and South Africa (and the rest of the world).

Parents at our school are encouraged to enrol in the adult Mandarin classes so they can demonstrate to their children the importance of learning Mandarin and assist them with their homework in this language subject.

Our Adult Mandarin Classes, presented by the PCS Language Centre, have been running for numerous years and have built up a good reputation. I hope the students enjoy the course we offer this year and have a happy and long stay with us.

Our school offers Mandarin classes to adults on Saturdays on our campus in Pretoria by our highly skilled Chinese staff. The Mandarin course is based on a continuous Mandarin Language Programme, which focuses more on conversational exercises. Chinese Characters and Chinese cultural information are explained, and activities are practised as part of the programme offered. No formal Mandarin exams will be written; only informal language assessments and worksheets are given.

We introduce you gradually to Mandarin as a language. Our part-time Mandarin course teaches you how to communicate in real-life situations. Minimal English is used during lessons to maximise your "listening" to Mandarin, ensuring that your speaking and reading skills develop through practice and verbal reinforcement. Understanding and learning about the grammar of the Mandarin language are essential in understanding its structures. We, therefore, explain Mandarin grammar structures in the class giving you the confidence to practice more whilst ensuring you feel at ease in class.

Currently, we have four existing adult Mandarin classes with different skill levels. This Mandarin for adult courses enables learners to develop their Mandarin language skills further. By the end of the course, students should be able to grasp more Mandarin grammatical concepts and basic sentence structures, which will enable them to converse more complex sentences fluently. You will learn about specific language characters and progress to elementary writing, understanding what you write and how to use Mandarin structures. You'll better understand frequently used Mandarin sentences and expressions used every day around you. You will also be able to generate new sentences and understand the context better.

The class prices are as follows:

Application fee - Free
Registration fee - R500 (once-off)

Group classes R3000 per month per person payable in advance (2 classes per week of 2 hours each) (Tuesday and Thursday 17:00 - 19:00)

Languages on offer: German, Italian, Mandarin, Korean, English

Individual Class R400 per hour recommended min 2 hours per week (times arranged with teachers)

IEB mandarin class = R3000 per month per person payable in advance = 4 hours per week (times arranged according to student's schedule, the teacher will communicate at the beginning of the year)

Note that the Mandarin course must be paid upfront as we do not offer payment instalments.

Certificates of participation will be issued annually. We reserve the right not to run a particular Mandarin course in an intake if there is insufficient demand.

The registration process will occur in January, and the Mandarin course will start in February. Additional courses may be available during the year based on demand and at the discretion of the Director.

Please get in touch with Nisha Sewpersad for further information or assistance in this regard. A representative will contact you with more information.


Please note the difference in the meaning of the terms "Chinese" and "Mandarin": "Chinese" refers to learning the language, including listening, speaking, reading and writing. "Mandarin" refers to the official language terminology with a specific pronunciation.

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