Adult Mandarin Classes

Mandarin* is offered by our school on our premises to adults on Saturdays by our Chinese* staff. The course is based on a continuous programme which focuses on conversational exercises. Characters and cultural information are explained, and cultural activities are included as part of the programme. No formal exams will be written; only worksheets and informal assessments will be given. Students are encouraged to present speeches and/or showcase other relevant talents during the course. Certificates of participation will be issued annually.

We currently have two Chinese teachers, and there are three adult classes at various levels. The fee for adult beginners’ classes in 2023 is R1 800,00 for every 10 weeks (2 hours a lesson), which must be paid in advance. An additional once-off levy of R300 for textbooks and other learning materials is charged for new-joiners. Therefore, the first payment will be R2 100,00 in total. Family members (including current school parents) get a 10% discount; note the discount does not apply to the textbook levy.

The beginners’ classes are not limited to the first 10 weeks. Students may continue with lessons and pay for every 10 weeks’ course thereafter. The registration process for beginners normally takes place in January every year and the course starts in February. Only cell numbers and email addresses will be required for the enrolment process. Should you be interested in enrolling, please contact Ms Angela Liu for further information or assistance in this regard:

Parents at our school are encouraged to enrol in the adult classes so that they can demonstrate the importance of learning this language to their children, as well as assist them with their homework in this subject.

*Please note the difference in the meaning of the terms "Chinese" and "Mandarin": "Chinese" refers to learning the language, including listening, speaking, reading and writing. "Mandarin" refers to the official language terminology with specific pronunciation.

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