Pretoria Chinese School's Professional Memberships and Affiliations

Pretoria Chinese School strives to provide the best educational experience for its learners and parents. We aim to provide our current students with an academic and social environment to prepare them for their future studies.

Pretoria Chinese School is THE private school of choice in Pretoria! The school, accredited by the South African Department of Education since 1996, is also a member of the Pretoria Chinese Education Association (PCEA). The school offers both English-medium and Mandarin-medium curricula.

Professional membership organisations and affiliations are essential for networking and building relationships. Professional associations and membership organisations help us provide our students with the latest study material that supports them in academic programs, increases their networking opportunities, and access to a wide range of excellent resources.

A professional association brings together people who share a common interest. These groups usually meet regularly to discuss current issues in their field. Some well-established national professional associations include the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA).

Local professional teaching associations are also available in many cities across Southern Africa. Membership in these local organisations allows you to meet other professionals in your field of interest. Professional associations may offer educational programs to help professionals advance in their careers.

Pretoria Chinese School has been working hard to provide high-quality education to its students, and we joined reputable educational organisations through membership and professional affiliations. Our vision is to be the best private school in Pretoria, offering the most relevant and quality education.

Membership Accreditation

Pretoria Chinese School partners with several organisations: The school is a member of the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA), the Southern African Heads of Independent Schools Association (SAHISA), the Southern African Heads of Independent Schools Association (SAHISA) and the Independent Examinations Board (IEB). We remain committed to quality assurance reviews, and ongoing self-assessment remains on our school's academic schedule.


The Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA) is the largest and most established membership organisation for private schools. ISASA serves almost 900 member schools from a broad spectrum of socioeconomic and educational communities. They educate more than 200 000 students every year.

ISASA is an organisation that promotes the protection of schools' interests, supports best practices, and offers quality education. Any independent school in Southern Africa may apply for membership, provided it meets ISASA's quality standards.

ISASA does not operate any schools and is not responsible for managing private schools.

ISASA's mission is to provide quality education to all learners, recognise the value of independent education for achieving this goal, and develop a diverse, high-quality, independent school community. They are committed to offering equal opportunities for their members through high-quality networking, advocacy, and support. The association also provides information about the different types and levels of education available in South Africa and internationally.

They value honesty, integrity, and respect for others as an organisation. They are committed to education and excellence in teaching. They believe strongly in educating people about the importance of good education. Their published mission is to become one of the world's leading associations of independent schools.


The Role of SAHISA

The Southern African Heads of Independent Schools Association (SAHISA) is a membership organisation for heads and principals of independent, ISASA-affiliated (private) schools.

SAHISA aims to provide a collegial forum where members can understand and support each other. Other goals include:

• to promote the highest standards of ethical and educational practice in schools

• to encourage an environment where members and their communities are encouraged to grow spiritually and develop their faith

• to improve the quality and quantity of professional development of heads

• to encourage staff development by facilitating interactions between schools and providing them with ongoing advice and support

• to promote a sense that service, partnerships, and social responsibility initiatives are important

• to foster educational and scientific links between international associations, institutions, leaders, and

• to support ISASA's interaction with education authorities and organisations.


The Southern African Bursars of Independent Schools Association (SABISA) is a professional association for bursars and school business managers affiliated with ISASA.

The role of SABISA is:

• to improve administrative and financial efficiency within the schools they service

• to facilitate the professional growth of SABISA members

• to foster, maintain and promote good relations among its members and schools, ISASA and SAHISA, and

• to cooperate or associate with or assist any other body, organisation, or person concerning anything calculated or intended to advance its aims and objectives.

Independent Examinations Board (IEB)

The IEB is a non-profit organisation offering a variety of certification exams, benchmarked tests, and training courses. The Independent Examiners Board (IEB) in South Africa is an assessment agency that conducts schooling and adult education assessments.

Umalusi Institute for School Assessments (UISA) accredited the IEB to conduct school and adult assessments and evaluations of the Quality Council of Tertiary Education South Africa (QCTE) for Foundational Learning Skills Competence. The IEB also conduct inspections of the ETDP SETA for training courses in Assessment Practices.

The Independent Examiners Board (IEB) is an independent assessment agency that provides exams for various clients, mainly private schools. The IEB sets exams for the school-leaver National Senior Certificate, or the NSC (which replaced both the Senior Certificate and Further Educational Certificate).

The National Curriculum Statement Grades R-12 (NCS) regulates policy on curriculum and assessment in the general schooling sector. The Department of Basic Education administers CAPS. These Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements assess students' progress in South Africa's public school system.

Pretoria Chinese School is a proud member of the IEB. Many teachers, parents, students, and universities believe the IEB examinations are more challenging than national and provincial equivalents.

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