From Grade 1 – 3, we focus on the CAPS curriculum and include learning programmes in English, Mathematics, Science and Life Skills with Abacus Maths, My Pals Sciences and Time2Read (supplemented with Letterland in Gr 00 – Gr 1). These programmes offer online support and homework extension activities to enhance the skills learnt during the school week. Our teachers are qualified explicitly with experience in their fields. Not only do we strive for excellence academically, but our teachers continuously work towards instilling the development of every student’s personality. Class teaching occurs with small classes that do not exceed 22 students, which means that every child gets the necessary attention to enhance their personal academic growth.

We teach Robotics in our Computer lessons, swimming in Physical Education during our summer months, and physical activities during the cooler seasons. Music is also part of our curriculum, with Art covering creativity. Mandarin (taught from Gr 00 – 12) is a compulsory second additional language (SAL), and we also offer it as a first additional language (FAL) to mother-tongue learners and students who are well-versed and show an affinity towards this language.

We offer Support lessons in English, Mathematics, Mandarin, and Afrikaans as part of the co-curricular programme after school, and these are included in the school fees. Sporting codes such as Soccer, Cricket, Netball and Swimming enhance teamwork learning and address the continuous development of gross-motor skills. We are involved with matches and games on a friendly basis against other schools but focus on social skills and the acceptance of others no matter what their capabilities. Team spirit and participation with humility, discipline and respect are the cornerstones of what we instil amongst our sports students. The development of skills here stands them in good stead for the next phase at our school.

Co-Curricular Programme

We encourage students to be active members of the school by participating in a variety of co-curricular activities. A full programme of the term’s cultural and sporting activities will be issued at the commencement of each term on d6 Connect. Students are encouraged to select at least one sport and one cultural activity per term.

Co-Curricular activities are included in the tuition fee. An essential component of the programme is the support lessons that are provided by teachers to students whom they invite to lessons in order to assist them to improve their performance in these subjects.

Other specialised activities are offered at an additional cost which is payable to the service provider. We offer you the convenience of these services at school, but it must be remembered that school functions and activities will take precedence over these “external” activities. As such, venues for these activities may change from time to time.

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Independent educational, professional Memberships and Affiliations

Pretoria Chinese School is an active, registered member of several outstanding educational institutions whose mission is to support schools with specialist knowledge and practical operational guidance. Affiliations include ISASA and the Independent Examiners Board (IEB). As members, we attend their events and conferences frequently.

Professional associations and membership organisations offer opportunities for our students to get up-to-date information and resources that support them in their school academic programs. Our students gain access to study materials and subject information from a wide range of excellent sources.

As one of Pretoria's leading registered private and independent education schools, Pretoria Chinese School maintains close working relationships with several regional and national educational institutions. We provide students with more opportunities to broaden their educational experiences and prepare them for exams.

We also subscribe to the qualifications framework established by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) whose function is to regulate the awarding of qualification certificates according to the regulations contained in the "Qualification Regulations Act, 2003".

Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa

Southern African Bursars of Independent Schools Association

Southern African Heads of Independent Schools Association

Independent Examiners Board

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