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Data and personal information are entrusted to third-party service providers worldwide, hence our legal disclosures. 

Our legal documents listed here and other school documents you may have signed; may in substance reference other legal jurisdictions outside South Africa and our (non-obligatory) compliance with such additional legal requirements (where possible and feasible). 

Our mission is to be fully transparent with you regarding the privacy of your data and the services we provide you using the data you entrusted us with.

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Welcome Letter to Parents

Message from the Director to all Parents: We are looking forward to a productive partnership with you to ensure our children can achieve their highest potential. We recognize that in order to be successful in school, our children need support from both the home and school. We know a strong partnership with you will make a great difference in your child’s education. As partners, we share the responsibility for our children’s success and want you to know that we will do our very best to carry out our responsibilities. It is also important that whoever steps through our doors – teachers, learners, staff, and parents, are excited to be here. This attitude enables us to meet the challenges of academic excellence, and our Ethos, in a fun, positive and nurturing environment. 


Disciplinary Policy

The Discipline Policy is an important and fundamental aspect of school life. Parents and students (Grades 00 to 12) are required to sign these documents upon admission. It is valid for the duration of your child’s stay at PCS. The aim of this policy is to:

  • develop self–discipline
  • reduce negative behaviour
  • encourage appropriate behaviour

At The Pretoria Chinese School, we:

- encourage students to develop their individuality, self–confidence, sense of responsibility and freedom of expression.

- aim to motivate students academically, culturally and on the sports field so that they might better reach their potential.

- strive to offer an education without fear where self–control, tolerance, compassion, and respect are fundamental to all relationships in the school.

- enforce the 3 pillars – Discipline, Humility and Respect and nurture excellence.

This document is the Code of Conduct of The Pretoria Chinese School as approved by the Executive and Discipline Committee. The Code of Conduct has been drafted in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, Act 108 of 1996; the South African Schools Act, Act 84 of 1996 (‘SASA’); the National Education Policy Act, Act 27 of 1996; Guidelines for a Code of Conduct for Students (General Notice 776 in Government Gazette 18900 dated 15 May 1998); the Regulations on Devices to be used for Drug Testing and the Procedure to be followed (GN 1140 in Government Gazette 31417 dated 19 September 2008) and relevant provincial legislation.

Education must be enhanced by the dedication and commitment of responsible role players, namely educators, students, and parents. This Code of Conduct is intended to promote such dedication and commitment. This Code of Conduct aims to establish a disciplined and purposeful school environment, which is dedicated to promoting and maintaining the quality of the learning process.

Students and their parents or guardians are expected to acquaint themselves with the School’s Code of Conduct and its provisions. As soon as students are enrolled at the school, they are subject to the Code of Conduct, and must strictly adhere to it. The school fully supports the principles of fair discipline and the consistent application of appropriate disciplinary measures. This policy indicates the broad standards of behaviour that are expected of all students at the school and encourages a responsible and self–disciplined approach by the students themselves. This policy is an agreement between The Pretoria Chinese School, its parents, guardians, and students. This Code is applicable whilst students and parents or guardians are on the school’s premises, at school functions or on any occasion where they are identifiable as students or parents and guardians of The Pretoria Chinese School. Should students transgress or violate the Code of Conduct, they will be acted against in accordance with the Disciplinary Procedure for Students.

 Download the Disciplinary Policy

Learner's Indemnity Form

Pretoria Chinese School will constantly endeavour to take such steps as may be reasonably required in the circumstance to do what it can to keep the learner out of harm, and free from loss, taking into account what can be reasonably foreseen and provided for in each case. 

Subject to the limitations placed on the School's right to exclude liability in terms of Section 103 of the School Education Act No 6 of 1995 (Gauteng Province), both parents/Guardians jointly and severally indemnify the school, its employees and agents (for whom it may be found to be vicariously liable) against any claim of the pupil in respect of the event in question.

Download the Learner Indemnity form

POPI Act Notice and Consent Form for Parents

We understand that your personal information is important to you and that you may be apprehensive about disclosing it. Your privacy is just as important to us and we are committed to safeguarding and processing your information in a lawful manner. We also want to make sure that you understand how and for what the purpose we process your information.


Parent Code of Conduct Policy


Section One:
1. As a parent/guardian of a pupil at Pretoria Chinese School, I undertake to:
a. Respect the ethos and character of Pretoria Chinese School.
b. Support the discipline of the school, the teacher’s decisions and policies.
c. Respect strictly the confidentiality of the school in respect of individual pupils, parents, teachers, decisions, policies and information of a personal nature.
d. Uphold the good name of the school, particularly at public events, such as sports meetings.
e. Show my loyalty to the school by refraining from criticising management, teachers, learners or parents in public and in front of my child.
f. Refrain from verbal or physical confrontation with any staff member, parent or pupil.
g. Attend general parents’ meetings to keep up to date with new information provided by the school.
h. Attend parent-teacher meetings to know how my child is performing.
i. Accept invitations issued by the school to hear guest speakers inform us about subjects the school feels are important for parents.
j. Familiarise me with the Code of Conduct for Pupils and ensure that my child knows and follows the precepts.
k. Support fundraising activities with generosity and goodwill.
l. Refrain from recruiting other parents/pupils for another school if I decide to remove my child from Pretoria Chinese School.
m. Honour the three pillars of the School: Respect, Discipline and Humility.

Section Two:
2. I undertake to follow the prescribed procedures to deal with any issue or problem arising within the classroom or on the sports field, before discussing such issues with other parents, teachers not directly concerned, or anyone outside of the school.

The approved procedure is as follows:
a. Make an arrangement to meet at school with the teacher/coach concerned. This meeting will also be attended by another teacher as an arbitrator.
b. If the issue is not satisfactorily resolved, make an appointment to meet with the teacher/coach and the Principal.
c. The Principal will, if necessary, take the issue to the School Executive, and then to the Board of Executives.
d. The final ruling rests with the School Executive, taking into consideration the advice of the Board.

3. I undertake to guide and respect my child as an individual and refrain from comparing them to others.

4. I will encourage my child to:
a. participate fully in school sports and activities.
b. be a model of good sportsmanship.
c. be honest in effort, dedication, and responsibility.
d. be loyal to the school, their classmates and their friends.

5. I will ensure that:
a. all my child’s belongings are clearly marked with their own name.
b. my child attends co-curricular activities, particularly compulsory school functions.
c. my child maintains the standards of the school regarding dress and behaviour.

6. I undertake to fulfil my contractual obligations to the school:
a. Pay school fees in advance at the beginning of each term or according to a written arrangement with the Bursar / Director of Business and Administration.
b. Give one full term’s notice in writing (which is required when removing a pupil from the school), otherwise, a term’s school fees in lieu of notice are payable.
c. Ensure that my child is equipped with the correct uniform and all the required books for the year.
d. Notify the school of changes of address/telephone numbers and personal details immediately.

According to Pretoria Chinese School’s Misconduct Policy and Disciplinary Procedure, any parent/guardian deemed to be in violation of any of the codes above, or is believed to be bringing the school into disrepute, may be brought before a Disciplinary Hearing.


Student Code of Conduct Policy


The Code of Conduct promotes the Mission Statement of Pretoria Chinese School. It works towards a well-balanced, broad education for students, a professional environment for teachers and an atmosphere to extend generally accepted family principles. 

It applies to all aspects of school life and incorporates both behavioural goals and disciplinary codes. The code defines the standard behaviour expected of and required from all stakeholders. It is accepted that this code is a dynamic document requiring frequent deliberation and possible revision to always satisfy the needs of Pretoria Chinese School.

To this end, you are invited to submit any suggestions that may be reviewed from time to time. Suppose all parties adhere to both the spirit and the letter of the code. In that case, healthy working relationships will be created between parents, teachers, and students. These relationships are essential for creating constructive teaching, learning, and a growing environment.

The disciplinary codes are intended to promote the maintenance of discipline and order at Pretoria Chinese School. The Student Code of Conduct will be presented to all parties concerned on first acceptance to Pretoria Chinese School.


By attending Pretoria Chinese School, students will endeavour to • Mature through their developing years • Develop their different abilities • Develop thinking and problem-solving skills • Gain knowledge about the world in which they live • Improve social and friendship skills • Care for others less fortunate than themselves


Students are to understand that, through their response to the Code of Conduct and subsequent daily behaviour, they either encourage or prevent the attainment of Pretoria Chinese School’s objectives. This Code of Conduct aims to ensure that the opportunities presented at Pretoria Chinese School are fully utilised. The code thus identifies what behaviour is required and expected.


Students will respect the right of teachers to teach, co-ordinate learning activities and facilitate the entire school programme.


• Being punctual in class • Following all teacher instructions • Being attentive in class • Applying themselves to the work set • Not being disruptive in any way • Not talking in class until invited to do so • Not moving from desks without permission • Doing tasks, as set by teachers, to the best of their abilities.


Students will respect the rights of others to learn. This will be shown by: • Not distracting other pupils from their tasks • Giving others opportunities to make contributions in class and in tasks • Not interrupting others while they contribute • Respecting others’ points of view • Not ridiculing others. 


Each student will make the most of every opportunity to achieve well at Pretoria Chinese School. This will be accomplished by: • Attending school every term day unless incapacitated and authorised to stay away by a parent or guardian • Devoting time and effort to academic studies, as per the timetable and the demands of self-study • Taking part willingly and enthusiastically in-class activities • Working independently and doing more than the minimum required • Doing homework and project work as set • Presenting assignments well and on time • Preparing well for tests and examinations • Working neatly • Showing commitment to academic achievement.

Severe or repeated infringements of the Pupil Code of Conduct will result in removal from the class until the student’s appearance/behaviour is satisfactory.


Consent to perform drug test

Pretoria Chinese School may carry out a random drug test on my child whenever necessary on the condition that the School informs the parent telephonically.

Pretoria Chinese School accepts that all reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure the safety and welfare of my child and that Pretoria Chinese School shall be responsible for the costs of such tests.

The school should be aware of medical conditions for example allergies, a tendency towards abnormal bleeding, epilepsy, etc. listing any medication being used regularly.


Photo and Video Waiver

Kindly note that children registered at Pretoria Chinese School are involved in various cultural, sports, and other social activities and events conducted or sponsored by the Pretoria Chinese School during the course of the year.

Photographs, video, and audio recordings are taken of these activities and events and may be used for publicity, promotional, or educational purposes by publishing, posting, and displaying them in Pretoria Chinese School newsletters, on the Pretoria Chinese school website, and in other publications of the Pretoria Chinese School.


Payment of School Fees Policy

“According to the Constitution, Independent Schools must operate at their own costs, while Public Schools are funded by the State. This means that all the facilities, resources and services of an Independent School must be paid for by the school. Fees are the Primary, if not the only, income for Independent schools that they use to offer quality education to our learners.

It should be noted that remunerating educators remains the primary expense for Independent schools, accounting for 60 – 70% of a school’s budget. Consequently, if parents neglect to pay fees for their children’s education, the school, in turn, cannot pay the educators responsible for that education.

Non-payment of independent school fees is a breach of contractual obligations by the signatory and is enforceable by law. It is clearly stipulated that there is no legislative provision that precludes an independent school from attaching the immovable property of parents who are in debt to the school, and therefore, the immovable property was declared executable for the purpose of enforcement of the payment of outstanding school fees.

Parents who elect to send their children to an independent school must be aware that defaulting on school fees could result in the loss of property at execution. Parents experiencing difficulty paying school fees, due to a transient cash-flow problem should not delay in telling the school before debts accumulate so that it might be possible to structure their payments, for a limited period, to ease the burden”. Information provided by ISASA


Tuckshop Policy for Students and Parents


School Admission Contract

School Application Form

Registration Agreement for Learner's Admission 2022


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