Preschool Phase

In this Phase, our dedicated teachers and assistants are very well qualified to encourage, teach and help our little ones grow in a safe and stimulating environment.

We eagerly address school learning readiness and encourage self-confidence through weekly themes that enhance learning and apply general knowledge through daily “show-and-tell” activities. Creative play and theme extended artworks that incorporate various materials are used to improve fine motor skills and tactile sensitivity.

In Life Skills, the introduction of a little preschool shop encourages learning to work with money, considering the value of money, taking turns to shop, and planning the whole shopping experience, which is a great way to experience social skills.

As part of the daily routine, all our little ones are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities such as mini-cricket, netball, and soccer. Not only are gross motor skills addressed but learning to play in a team and working on playing together and accepting each other’s abilities are essential to these sessions.

In Physical Education, we also go swimming in the warmer months. Our little ones should be water safe and have basic swimming skills for these lessons to be enjoyed to the maximum, as we teach basic swimming strokes and techniques.

Many children have learning disabilities and behavioural and emotional problems because of their neurodevelopment. In Gr 0, we offer ILT (Integrated Learning Therapy), a movement-based programme that focuses on developing the systems in the body by stimulating neurons in the brain. In ILT, the brain is helped to “re-wire” itself through various stimulation activities for learning and coping better at school.

The learning programme in this phase is vital in building the necessary foundation for our students to move to the Junior Preparatory phase of our school.

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Independent educational, professional Memberships and Affiliations

Pretoria Chinese School is an active, registered member of several outstanding educational institutions whose mission is to support schools with specialist knowledge and practical operational guidance. Affiliations include ISASA and the Independent Examiners Board (IEB). As members, we attend their events and conferences frequently.

Professional associations and membership organisations offer opportunities for our students to get up-to-date information and resources that support them in their school academic programs. Our students gain access to study materials and subject information from a wide range of excellent sources.

As one of Pretoria's leading registered private and independent education schools, Pretoria Chinese School maintains close working relationships with several regional and national educational institutions. We provide students with more opportunities to broaden their educational experiences and prepare them for exams.

We also subscribe to the qualifications framework established by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) whose function is to regulate the awarding of qualification certificates according to the regulations contained in the "Qualification Regulations Act, 2003".

Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa

Southern African Bursars of Independent Schools Association

Southern African Heads of Independent Schools Association

Independent Examiners Board

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