School Academic Times

TIMETABLE: The school operates on a 5-day cycle for the academic timetable which applies to all grades.

  • Grades 00 to 3

  • grades 4 to 7

  • Grades 8 to 12


Monday to Friday: 07:30-14:00*

*Times may change with prior notice from the school

School Assemblies are as follows:

Junior Prep Phase

Senior Prep Phase


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

12:05 - 12:35

12:05 - 12:35

12:05 - 12:35

Pretoria Chinese School Academic Terms

  • term 1

  • term 2

  • term 3

Term Dates 2022

Start: Wednesday 12 January
Close: Wednesday 13 April
Half Term Break
Close: Thurs. 24 Feb (@12:00)
Return: Tuesday 1 March

General rules for students attending school*


All parents are encouraged to download and install the “d6 Connect” App, which is the main method of communication between teachers and parents.
The App has child specific content, where parents can view their child’s marks, homework, absenteeism, finances, etc., as well as have access to up-to-date information.

Some of the features also include:
• News items and Notices
• Alerts
• The School Calendar
• Resources

Parents can send messages to the Principal who will then send it to the relevant staff member. The d6 Connect App is available for iOS and for Android and can be downloaded from the relevant app store. Should you encounter any challenges with setting up of this App, kindly contact Cherrie in the front office.

Your Child's safety is our concern

The safety of our students is very important to us and therefore we have two guards at the gate to register all visitors or parents. The guard does not allow students to leave the premises if they have not been signed out at the front office. To be signed out at the office, the student must supply a completed (blue) Exeat form that he/she has collected earlier (see early departure below). We request that all involved please respect this arrangement as our guards are only doing their job by ensuring all students and staffs are safe.

Car Entry Disc

Entry discs are issued at the beginning of each year which allows quicker access at the gate. Kindly ensure that you have this always displayed on your car. However, the signing out rule for students during school hours still applies. Should you need more than 2 discs, these may be obtained from the front office at a minimal cost.

Dropping & Collecting Students

Parents are not allowed to drive to the top Staff Parking, or to the hall, to drop off and collect students. Kindly make use of the parking at the entrance of the school. Entry past the building is strictly for staff members only. Students are not to walk around the school aimlessly or wait at the car park areas before 4pm; they must be at an activity or in supervision class and can be collected from there.

Students are allowed to wait for parents after their co-curricular activities. JP & SP end at 3:30pm and College at 4pm.

School Visits

We believe in an open-door policy whereby parents are welcome to make an appointment via the Admin Office to discuss any issues of concern with the teachers. If you would like to make an appointment to see the Principal, Director or Deputy Principal of the phase, please do so by contacting the admin office.

Parents in Classroom

Please do not engage teachers in quick chats in the corridor before school as this may compromise valuable teaching time. We strongly discourage parents from entering classrooms whilst lessons are being taught. Students leaving school early must be collected from the admin office after following the prescribed procedures. “Forgotten” items may NOT be dropped off at the admin office or at classrooms as students must learn responsibility.

Mobile phones at school

Mobile phones are to be switched off at all times unless requested by teachers for classwork purposes. If there is an emergency and a student needs to access a phone, they may ask their teacher who will then approve this and send the student down to the administration area. Kindly refer to Cell Phone Policy which is on the d6 Connect. Only college students are permitted to bring mobile phones to school.


Regular communication with parents is vital, and as part of this process, a newsletter is distributed every 2nd Thursday and can be viewed on d6 Connect, or a hard copy can be collected from the office. The newsletter provides information of a general nature, but also informs parents of the academic, sporting, and cultural events in the week ahead. Kindly ensure that the office has your current e-mail address. You can view the latest newsletter and past editions here.

Queries & Concerns

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your child's progress or personal development in school. Discussions are most valuable when appointments are made in advance with the class teacher. If you need to see your child's class teacher, please request an after-school appointment by emailing the teacher directly. Emails are a very good method of contacting staff.

Protocol Grievance Procedure

There is a clear line of communication within the school for any queries or issues:
First contact your class teacher. If the issue needs further discussion, then the Deputy Principal of the phase will be the next step in the chain of communication. If necessary, the Principal/Director will be your next port of call.


All students enrolled at The Pretoria Chinese School are expected to attend regular classes and normal school activities including assemblies, co-curricular activities, and excursions. If students are absent, parents are requested to phone the office, send a note or email to the register teacher, or an e-mail to the Deputy Principal explaining the absence. Regular or unusual patterns of absenteeism are followed up by the register teacher.


Regular attendance and punctuality are a pre-requisite for student’s achievement and a vital preparation for adult life. Absence is monitored carefully, and all unexplained absences are followed up on. Absence from ANY Assessments and Examinations requires the presentation of a certificate from a registered medical or natural health practitioner. Failure to present such certificate will result in a zero (0) being awarded for the Assessments and Examinations.

Early Departure

Early departure from school is not acceptable without a valid reason, due to the disruption not only to your child’s learning, but also that of their peers. In the event of an emergency, the parent must contact reception in order for us to support the family’s needs.

The process to remove your child from school early is as follows:
• In the event that your child has to leave school early on the day, please ensure that you report at reception or send a letter to the class teacher for prior arrangements.
• The student will be given an Exeat Form which can be obtained from the office and will accompany the letter.
• Each teacher whose lessons will be missed must sign for that period. The relevant DP needs to sign the form as well, which is then brought down to the office by the student 5 minutes before requested time to leave.
• As a Parent/Guardian, you will need to come into the office to sign the student out.
• The form must then be handed to the security guard before leaving the school property.
• Early departure will then be recorded on the d6 Connect.
• We DO NOT announce for students to come down to the office.

Early Departure from school (emergency)
In the case of an emergency, if you do wish to collect your child early from school, the class teacher or the office must be informed on that day. You must come into the office to sign the student out.

Un-notified Absence:
If your child is away from school for whatever reason, please ensure that you inform the class teacher and the office by email.

Planned Absence:
Planned absence from the school is actively discouraged. Medical appointments for example, should happen outside of school hours wherever possible.

Application of Absence:
• Applications for absence for more than three days should be made to the Principal/DP by letter well in advance. The letter should be signed, dated and a contact telephone number and email address provided. The letter should be handed into the teacher or school reception desk at least two weeks before the leave has been planned otherwise it will be considered as unauthorised absence.
• Permission will only be given for valid reasons such as a serious medical issue or a family bereavement. Other requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
NO permission will be given for the first and last day of school terms.

Walking/Uber Home

Parents are legally obliged to ensure their children get to school and attend regularly, but this does not disallow independent travel. However, at The Pretoria Chinese School we are responsible for the welfare of our students and therefore must consider what we believe is good practice in ensuring their safety. We also have an obligation to alert relevant authorities should we believe a child’s wellbeing is at risk. If you decide that your child is ready for this responsibility, then you must inform the school and sign a permission form which can be obtained from the school office. Your child will be given a permission card to hand at our security to be allowed to leave the premises. No child will be allowed to walk or Uber home without prior written consent from a parent or guardian. If at any time you need to change arrangements you have made, please ensure you let the school know in writing immediately.
Uber T & C's state that the service is not available to persons under the age of 18 unless they are accompanied by an adult. The Pretoria Chinese School will not permit students under the age of 18 years to use Uber. The school will not be liable for any incidents resulting from the use of Uber by students. Students over 18 require a written note from their parent/guardian authorising the use of Uber for their child.

Driving Home

Your child will be prevented from driving home unless this permission has been given in writing. No child will be allowed to drive home without prior consent from a parent or guardian. Forms can be obtained from the office. He/ She will not be allowed to transport any other student from the school premises without prior written consent from their parent or guardian. Kindly attach copy of Driver’s License. If at any time you need to change arrangements you have made, please ensure you let us know in writing immediately.

Late Arrivals at school

We expect students to arrive punctually at school and we place great importance on developing punctuality as a sign of respect towards others in the community. Persistent lateness will be followed up by the teacher and where necessary, the Deputy Principal. We understand that there may be infrequent situations when you are unavoidably delayed and if this is the case, please call the school by 7:15 am to inform our reception team of your child’s lateness. If students arrive after 7:30 am they must go to the front office to collect a “Late Note” before joining their class. If the student arrives at class and does not have this “Late Note” from reception, the teacher will ask them to return to reception to complete this essential safety process.

Unwell Students

If your child is unwell, please keep him/her at home until they are well enough to return to school. This is particularly important to prevent the spread of any communicable disease. Please call the school office before 7:30 am explaining your child’s illness and reason for absence. As part of our first response procedures, should you not have called the school by the time registers are taken we will attempt to contact you to ascertain where your child is and why they are absent. We ask that for attendance and safety reasons that all parents inform us of any change to their personal circumstances or work details. All students are required to do PE unless there is a valid medical reason and a doctor’s note should be provided. Should a note not be provided, they will be expected to take part in the lesson assisting the class teacher with coaching and officiating (where possible).

Lost Property

All students must be constantly reminded to look after their property and mark all their clothing and belongings. All lost property is kept in front of the office. Should any student misplace his/her belongings, kindly direct them there.


Encourage your children to pack their own school bag/caddy according to their timetable and dress themselves. Parents may wait in the car park for their children in the afternoons. No parents are allowed in the classrooms during school hours. Any homework, projects or books left at home will not be allowed to be brought to the front office for students during school hours.

Personal Appearance

Personal appearance is very important, and a high standard of personal appearance is always expected of all students, both inside the school property and outside in the local community after school, or for example, when on school-based trips. Our students are ambassadors and what they do and say and how they look and conduct themselves is of great importance. Students must always represent The Pretoria Chinese School with pride, whether in uniform or civilian dress. No sloppy or untidy appearance will be tolerated. Infringements will result in the student being removed from class/school activity until the appearance is satisfactory.

Hair styles changed or hair colouring applied during holidays must comply with PCS hair regulations before returning to school. The Principal may insist that a student who is not in compliance with the regulations, be fetched by his/her parents until such time of compliance.

Parents, who wish for religious/cultural reasons for their child to wear hairstyles in contravention of the regulations, must request permission in writing from the Principal.


Birthdays are special and parents are encouraged to bring cupcakes or other individual treats for the class on the day by prior arrangements with teacher. However, we do request that healthy eating habits are considered, in particular for friends with food allergies. Vanilla or chocolate cupcakes with plain icing are best. No party packs will be allowed. Students may wear civvies on their birthday – Friday/Monday for weekend birthdays.

Personal Wellbeing

Should your child have any personal needs that may have an impact on their wellbeing that our staff need to be mindful of, such as family bereavement or parental separation/split. Please contact your child’s class teacher or inform the office.

Evacuation of school property

We have extensive policies and procedures in place for our school with respect to fire, natural disaster, and emergency lock down procedures. We have regular emergency drills with all staff and students. For visitors’ safety we ask all visitors to always sign in at the front gate/desk. In the event of an emergency, parents will be expected to collect their child directly from the school or the school’s evacuation point.

School Diary

The PCS diary is a compulsory item for all Grades 00 – 7 students. Teachers distribute these at the beginning of each term after payment is received. The Diary is a vital communication tool for both parents and teachers. It should be brought to school every day.


The use of lockers for the storing of books and sporting kit is strongly encouraged for students from Grades 8 – 12. Lockers are only allocated to Grades 6 – 7 after the College students have had an opportunity to rent them. These lockers can be rented by students at R100 for the year. A refundable deposit of R200 is required. The finance office collects payment and allocates lockers. Students provide their own padlock or combination locks. A tagged duplicate key/code with the student’s name must be handed in at the finance office once a locker is allocated.

Lunch & Tuckshop

Parents are encouraged to provide children with a healthy lunch. The Coco @ PCS tuckshop provides a variety of well-priced nutritious meals for all our students. The tuckshop is open every day from 07:00 – 16:00. No fizzy drinks and Energade will be sold to Junior Preparatory children. We strongly encourage the pre-booking and payment of meals. This may be done by parents using the online/WhatsApp booking system or by students on arrival at school before lessons begins every day. This reduces the congestion at the tuckshop and students simply collect their meals at break times.

Pre-school Lunch

Our emphasis is on healthier eating. A healthy snack is prepared by the staff at 9:30am which is fruit, sandwich/cereal/porridge, and rooibos tea. Lunch at 12:30 is prepared by the tuckshop. The menu for the week will be posted on the WhatsApp group every Friday afternoon. The afternoon snack prepared by the staff at 15:00 is juice, fruit and cookies. Our emphasis is on healthier eating. A healthy snack is prepared by the staff at 9:30am which is fruit, sandwich/cereal/porridge, and rooibos tea. Lunch at 12:30 is prepared by the tuckshop. The menu for the week will be posted on the WhatsApp group every Friday afternoon. The afternoon snack prepared by the staff at 15:00 is juice, fruit and cookies.


Teacher Maria is on duty after school from Monday to Thursday until 16:00 and on Fridays until 15:00. Any child not fetched by 16:00 (Monday to Thursday) or 15:00 (Friday) will be sent to Acorn aftercare. This cost will be for parents’ account. This applies to Pre-school students only.

Sun Protection

All students are encouraged to apply a sun protection cream each day. Students are required to wear official PCS caps/hats whilst engaging in outdoor sporting activities and at breaks each day. These caps/hats are available from the Uniform Shop for Junior and Senior Preparatory children.
For the JP students, NO HAT = NO PLAY!

Sport for All

It is compulsory for students to attend 1 hour of sport per week. Certain changes may be necessary to this due to COVID-19 restrictions. Our Sport policy demonstrates our belief that it is vital to expose children to a wide variety of sports to enable them to explore and discover as many different activities as possible. In the Preparatory School, we emphasise enjoyment and acquisition of skills in sport over specialisation. We encourage your child to regard sport as an extension of the curriculum, rather than a co-curricular subject.

* Please refer to all the School's policies and agreements you have signed and agreed to for guidance and following comprehensive list of all rules.

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