Subject: AP Mathematics

Subject Description:

AP Mathematics is an exam subject at the end of Grade 12 and is an extra subject offered. The subject helps students prepare for university, especially selection courses. The following topics are covered, in addition to standard Mathematics topics: complex number theory, partial fractions, absolute values, Mathematical induction, Integral Calculus, and graphical optimization in Calculus.

Value of AP Mathematics as subject:

AP Mathematics covers most universities’ first-year syllabi and gives students more time to focus on other subjects during the overwhelming first year at university.

AP Mathematics also benefits students who want to apply to selection courses such as Medicine and Engineering.

Skills/Content Carried over from Grade 10-12:

There are some overlap between AP Mathematics and standard Mathematics. It is very important to have a good understanding of Mathematics content and skills to be successful in AP Mathematics.

Grade 10 Curriculum

Grade 11 Curriculum

Grade 12 Curriculum

Complex number theory

Partial fractions

Exponential and logarithmic functions

Quadratic equations

Complex theory

Mathematical induction

Cubic polynomials

Absolute values

Differential and Integral Calculus

Integral Calculus


Graphical optimization






Hypothesis testing


Integral Calculus

Matrix algebra


Counting methods

Graph theory


Normal distributions


Grade 9 Requirements:

As this is an extra subject, students are required to work individually most of the time and they need to possess a good, disciplined work ethic. The syllabus is challenging, and students need to have at least 75% for Mathematics at the end of Grade 9.

Stationary Requirements:

  • Grade 10

  • Grade 11

  • Grade 12

Stationery required

  • Textbook – R300
  • Exercise book
  • Scientific calculator

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