Subject: Business Studies

Subject Description:

Business Studies looks at the daily decisions business owners face daily, from an entrepreneur finding a business idea to established businesses facing challenges from external forces.

The subject also focuses on developing the skills business owners should have to evolve and reinvent the business to maintain a competitive advantage regularly.

Value of Business Studies as subject:

The Department of Education originally designed the subject to create entrepreneurs. The basic skills acquired allow students to start a business after school.

My motto is always: "I do not teach you to become the employee but the employer."

You are free to have an opinion in this classroom as long as you can convince me with facts why it is a valid opinion. However, the skills also provide insight into everyday choices and problems faced in life as an adult, exposure to investment, insurance, and the rights of the employee. These are all valuable tools for any future career choice.

Skills/Content Carried over from Grade 10-12:

• Memorising and recalling facts • Integrating different sections of the syllabus • The IEB sets a theme for Business Studies every two years and students need to solve problems relating to a specific business or industry which requires practical application of theoretical concepts • Ability to look at current affairs and understand the effects of these current affairs on the business within the prescribed theme • Ability to write the Section C, which is a business report, wherein students must provide advice to management in a logical and objective manner.

Grade 10 Curriculum

Grade 11 Curriculum

Grade 12 Curriculum

Introduction to basic business concepts: Entrepreneurship, Management Styles, Management Tasks, Forms of Ownership, Contracts, Ethics

Analysis of business environments

Applied analysis of business environments of a specific industry/business

Introduction to business environments

Comparison of forms of ownership

Finance function: Insurance and Investment

Business functions: Administration, Purchasing, Production, Finance

Business functions: Finance, Public Relations, Marketing and Risk Management

Human Resources: staff-related matters, labour legislation

Problem solving techniques

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Marketing: marketing mix and branding


Problem solving techniques

Risk Management



Corporate Social Responsibility and integrated reporting



Problem solving techniques

Grade 9 Requirements:

There are no specific requirements for Business Studies. However, as this is a theoretical subject a proficiency in English is recommended. Students are required to be able to make summaries of the content on a regular basis to break down the volume of content into smaller sections to make it more manageable.

Stationary Requirements:

  • Grade 10

  • Grade 11

  • Grade 12

Stationery required

  • Textbook – R250

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