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“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.” – Bethenny Frankel

Jeanine' has spent much of her career serving in the hospitality industry, from early beginnings honing her skills in Hotel Management & Catering at Pro-Arte Alphen park, to traveling the world as an Air Stewardess with an International Airline and many restaurants and small businesses in between.

2018 brought two of Jeanine’s passions together, working with children and making and serving great food that fits their nutritional needs and would tantalize their taste buds. This brought about the Coco@ brand.

Coco@PCS serves the Pretoria Chinese School students with a varied nutritional menu which aims to ensure energy levels are maintained through the demanding school day.

Jeanine’ Penning

 Working with parents to ensure where possible, that their child's unique needs are catered for and using technology where appropriate to make things quick and easy, such as a pre-order system to reduce lines, an account system to minimize cash and detailed billing for parents to see what their kids are eating on a daily basis.

Coco@PCS has also rolled out a lunch programme for the PCS Pre-School, providing them with nutritious, balanced meals every day for lunch, and dare I say even managed to get some kids to try items they normally would not in a school lunch setting.

“Nothing brings me more joy than seeing these kids enjoy the food, snacks and drinks and watching them grow over the years, knowing I had some small part to play by providing them with the sustenance to grow, and energy and to keep learning, ultimately leading to their successes”- Jeanine’ Penning

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