Director's Welcome Message

Dear Valued Parents/ Guardians,

It is my great pleasure to warmly welcome you and thank you for your interest in our school. I am sure you will find our website to be user friendly and have a good idea of what we have to offer.

Our School is a wonderful place for learners from diverse backgrounds to grow educationally, get involved, and have a meaningful school experience. We ensure that our learners are rooted in the values of culture, and yet maintain a global outlook.

As we offer Mandarin language as a subjectthis is now becoming a vital business tool with China’s strength and emergence in the global economic market. In the current challenging times, it is essential that learners should not only excel in academics but should also develop smart personality, social sensitivity and be imbibed with the traditional culture of our country.

We constantly work to develop a sense of discipline and a good moral character, where all learners are expected to conform to high disciplinary standards and to develop values of tolerance, fair play, compassion, integrity and fortitude.

Our priority always remains our learners, who we believe are at the heart of our existence. To maintain and develop our business further, we are constantly restructuring, strengthening management, and providing sound leadership to ensure that all our operations and processes are transparent, efficient and effective.

Our teachers provide an atmosphere for discovery, where learners are encouraged to be creative and curious, instead of routinely being loaded with academic burden.

Our projection for the future is backed by a great deal of optimism and we are ready as a school to seize every opportunity to further strengthen our good image of high standard education and strong relationship with our learners and parents.

Let me assure you, that together, we will set new standards and redefine our potential and make you feel proud of your child’s achievements during his/her stay at PCS.

On behalf of PCS, I congratulate and thank you, our valued parents/Guardians for having faith in us, entrusting us with the responsibility of bringing out the best in your child, for your continued support in ensuring that we remain fully operational to meet your high expectations.

I will continuously try my best to improve communication with parents and the community so that everybody is updated about school’s activities and programs.

We are always open to refreshing views and suggestions which can add more value to the learners of our School.

With Best Wishes

Jennifer Neethling
School Director

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Pretoria Chinese School's Campus is located within the City of Tshwane (Gauteng Province). Speak to one of the Deputy Principals if you have pressing questions and need answers fast. We are here to help your child get the best creative education.

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